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Tet Zayin St 16, Tzfat/Safed, Israel

Currently, only private tours are available, please refer to the form in the "Contacts" tab to reserve a (free) visit.

In the summer, the museum is open during work days.


The house initially served as an art academy in the early 1950s and was run and taught by Frenel up to 1954 when he left for Paris. He reopened it as a museum in 1973 with his fourth wife Ilana. It houses a rich collection of the artist's works across the decades which spread across the walls accompanied by various antique artefacts and furniture. At the entrance, a pastoral courtyard with grape vines and pomegranate trees complements the beautiful architecture of the house.  The museum is proudly unconventional, with the arrangement of its paintings, enriching the rooms with classical music, supplying various curious objects, and acting as a home as well. While the museum primarily operates during the summer, interested parties can arrange private tours by reaching out through the "Contacts" tab.

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